The Annabel Charitable Foundation is registered for tax deductions with the Australian Taxation Office.

Eligible Donors receive a tax deduction for their donation. These donations are then disbursed to endorsed theological students. The ACF’s Bursaries are fully funded by Donors who support Christian ministry.

Who can my donation go to?

You may recommend that your donation be allocated to needs based applicants endorsed by The ACF’s Scholarship & Bursary Fund Committee. The Australian Tax Office’s regulations however prohibit tax deductibility from family members.

How is my donation allocated?

All donations received are allocated at the discretion of the Scholarship & Bursary Fund Committee. The Scholarship & Bursary Fund Committee is happy to receive recommendations for consideration as to the disbursement of your donation. Recommendations can be either for an institution, a particular endorsed applicant or to support the work of The ACF in general.

Can I nominate my donation be used for a training institution that is endorsed by The ACF instead of a particular student?

Yes. Donations are held in trust and disbursed to approved candidates attending your recommended training institution.

How do I claim my tax deductibility?

All donations received will be issued with an official ACF receipt confirming the tax deductible status of your donation. Donors should check with their accountant/financial advisor as to the process to claim their donation in their tax return.

How do I donate?

To make a tax deductible donation to assist people who are training for Christian ministry, please click on “donate” now.




We accept Mastercard, Visa, cheques, money orders or direct credits to our bank account.

Do you have a specific recipient in mind?

please Click Here and complete our Preferred Donor form which will be submitted to The ACF’s Board. Please email these forms to or fax to (02) 47395065. If you have made a donation, in order for you to receive a receipt, it is necessary for you to complete and send the donation form to us.

Gain your tax deduction by helping us to fund Christian Ministry. To learn more about the ACF and to see how your donation can make a difference in students’ lives click here to access our newsletters.

Tax Deductible Donations – the real cost to you after Tax

Your tax-deductible donation to the ACF






After tax cost to you*

























*The tax information detailed above should be used as a guide only and should not be taken as taxation or financial advice.  The actual benefit to you is dependent on your income and circumstances.  This information is not intended to reflect your individual situation and you should consult a taxation specialist if you require further information.  Please note the amounts above do not take into account the 1.5% Medicare levy.

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