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Bursary Application

Notes to Applicants

Applicants for bursaries must be Australian citizens or hold Permanent Residency status, and be enrolled in a course with one of our training providers.

Additional eligibility criteria and further information, if required, is available from Geoff Annabel on or 0410 471 504.

Personal Details

First names(s):
Family name:
Phone: (home)

I (tick appropriate box)
am an Australian citizen
have permanent resident status
am neither – you are not eligible to apply

Marital Status

Engaged – Fiance’s name
Married – Spouse’s name

Do you have anybody who is financially dependent on you? If so, please provide details including childrens' name and ages

Child 1 Name:
Child 2 Name:
Child 3 Name:
Child 4 Name:
Child 5 Name:

Academic Details

I am currently: (tick appropriate box)
Awaiting confirmation of my enrolment to an eligible course of study
Enrolled in an eligible course of study

If currently enrolled:

Name of training provider:

Name of course you are enrolled in:

Length of course (yrs):
Current stage of course:
Anticipated completion year:
Student ID number:

Please indicate your current study load:
Full timePart time

Upload your Confirmation of Enrolment:

Accepted formats: PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG; Max size 2MB

If proposing study:

Name of training provider:

Name of course you are enrolled in:

Personal Statements

Please answer the following questions:

1. How would the granting of a bursary enhance your learning experience?

2. How will what you are currently studying/will study assist you to spread the gospel of Christ?

3. Why are you an appropriate person to receive a bursary?

4. What involvement in sporting, cultural, community, evangelical or missionary activities would you like the Scholarship and Bursary Fund Committee to consider when assessing this application?

Additional Information

Should you have any other information not covered in other sections of this application form that you would like the Scholarship and Bursary Committee to consider please feel free to outline it below:


Personal Character Referee (who is not a family member)

Referee 1
Contact no:
Referee 2
Contact no:
Contact no:

Promotional Approval

Approved bursary applicants are placed on our endorsed applicants list awaiting donations. To facilitate the raising of donations for each applicant their details and photo are placed on the Annabel Foundation website at and also in the Annabel Foundation newsletter.

Upload a photo:

Accepted formats: GIF, JPG, PNG; Max size 2MB

I acknowledge that the submission of this application grants permission to the Annabel Foundation to publish promotional materials that include myself

Applicant checklist prior to lodging application

I am a resident/citizen of Australia

I have attached a confirmation of enrolment transcript which also clearly shows my theological training provider

I have completed all applicable sections

I am enrolled in an approved course of study

I have uploaded a photo of myself

Failure to comply with the above checklist will delay or potentially jeopardise the processing of your application.


  • I declare that the information supplied by me in my application, and any attachments, is complete, true and correct in every particular.
  • I acknowledge that the submission of incorrect information relating to my application may result in the withdrawal of any offer of bursary, and this withdrawal may take place
    at any time during my enrolment.
  • I authorise the Annabel Charitable Foundation Ltd to obtain relevant information about me to support this application from educational and other sources as required.
  • I acknowledge that if my application is successful I may be required to supply documentary evidence to substantiate information supplied in this application.

Information provided by applicants is treated as confidential. The Annabel Charitable Foundation Ltd will not disclose personal information without the applicant’s consent, except as required by law.

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