Facilitating Tax Deductible Donations for Christian Training

Are you currently receiving financial support from your Church and friends to support you while you are studying?

Do you know that it is possible for your Supporters to receive a tax deduction for their donation?


Brad Konemann


Brad Konemann – Moore college Theology Student

Brad Konemann is currently studying in his second year at Moore Theological College. He has been married to Katherine for seven years, has a two-year-old daughter (Eva), and another child due to be born in July 2015. Before going to college, Brad worked for Voice of the Martyrs where he founded their youth program, Thirteen Three, and equipped Australian teenagers to support the persecuted church. He also served in various ministries at Springwood Anglican Church before he decided to study at Bible college and be trained for a lifetime of ministry. Brad is now serving at Anchor Church Sydney, a new church in Erskineville that is seeking to make disciples by living in community, on mission, for Jesus. The ACF is proud to support Brad as he raises support for himself by directing his supporters to make tax deductible donations through the ACF. You can find out more about Brad by watching the video below.



What is the Annabel Charitable Foundation?

The Annabel Charitable Foundation is a Christian family based Organisation developed to fill a financial need we see as vital for the development of Christian Ministry


How does it work?

The Annabel Scholarship and Bursary Fund has received full tax deductibility from the Australian Taxation Office. This deductibility for supporting individual students is rare. This means that support can be maximised to the level of a donor’s marginal tax rate.


Your donation in action…..

Dave Esdale undertook a Bachelor of Divinity at Moore Theological College. Dave is now in full time employment with the Anglican Church at Corrimal.


“We are very humbled and encouraged by the generosity of the Annabel Charitable Foundation. We will find the scholarship most helpful as living in college has been a constant drain on the finances. However, the encouragement we have received through your generosity has been an even greater benefit to us. Your support is very affirming as we complete our studies”.

Dave Esdale

The Annabel Scholarship and Bursary Fund has received full tax deductibility from the Australian Taxation Office. This ATO endorsement in relation to ministry training is quite rate and therefore extremely valuable.


Donating through The ACF – Benefits

Full tax deductibility for donors to endorsed candidates
This means more money can be given – greater value for each donation
Partner with God in equipping students to preach the Good News of Jesus
Allowing students to pursue their passion to minister


A message from Rt Rev Peter Hayward – Anglican Bishop of Wollongong


Please support The ACF’s vision. Training is a vital component of effective evangelism. I have witnessed first hand the many blessings and marvellous encouragement an ACF Bursary provides. I encourage all Christians to prayerfully consider financially supporting theological students via a tax deductible donation to The ACF.

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